Haida Gwaii leaders meet with Chinese officials in bid to attract more overseas visitors

By Chuck Chiang

Tourists from Asia could become a major driving force for tourism in some of B.C.’s coastal First Nations communities as early as next summer.

That’s the vision of Haida Gwaii Hereditary Chief Roy Jones Jr., who, along with other First Nations representatives, met with Chinese officials in Vancouver earlier this fall to drum up business links between B.C.’s Indigenous community and overseas markets

For Jones, the reason for pursuing the business of Chinese consumers is simple – jobs, especially for the younger members of First Nations communities.

“It would make a great difference for the younger generation who have little opportunity right now,” Jones said. “We’ve got nature, which is a great resource we can capitalize on, and I strongly believe that, if we got in there real quick, we can start seeing different opportunities even as early as next year if we work through the winter on this.”

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