• Participants: 7  per class
  • Location:  Nanaimo, British Columbia
  • Time: 9 AM – 5 PM (Monday – Saturday)
  • Certificate:  A Certificate of Completion will be awarded



May 2024 – 13th-18th

Jun 2024 – 3rd-8th

July 2024 – 8th-13th


Fur, by contrast, is a natural, sustainable, and renewable resource. A fur product is remarkably long-lasting, it can be restyled and recycled. Fur is biodegradable. In the fur workshop, you will first learn about the uniqueness of this product.   That’s why we call it the “Honest Fabric”.

Seal, Beaver, Fox, Mink, Marten, Bobcat, and Canada Lynx are some of the skins you’ll have the opportunity to learn about their particularities and characteristics. We will demonstrate to you all those exclusive techniques that each one of the skins requires individually, as well as, the right time to handle them. The tools and machinery required for processing will be available to you through the courses. In which you will be extensively shown on the use of fur technology today.  The last step of this 6-day course will be the understanding of pattern designs. You will learn about the use of patterns, and the mathematics involved, starting from the simplest to the most complicated. All of the above will eventually lead to your knowledge of understanding the furrier’s profession.

  • Skins Used: Seal, Beaver, Fox, Mink (wild), Canadian Sable (Marten), Bobcat and Lynx, demonstrating the individuality of each skin will be the first step.
  • Grading Skins: According to the animal, gender, characteristics, color, hair length, and texture.
  • Treatment/Repairing: This fabric (fur) requires special treatments before it may be used, a procedure that differs according to which animal we are using. It is clear which method and technique we will employ once we have examined the skin.
  • Furriers tools: The instruments are exceptional. You will be enthralled once you’ve mastered how to use them with care.
  • Blocking: Using the right technique, providing information about the diverse techniques used.
  • Fur Sewing machine: A completely unique machine that, once mastered, is magical. Anyone can learn to use it. We will inform you of the different types of Furriers sewing machines, available.
  • Sewing: Learn methods of sewing fur with diverse fabrics. The possible ways where the honest fabric (fur) can be combined with almost all known textiles.
  • Pattern understanding: Starting with the simplest geometrical shapes all the way to the most complicated ones, and understanding the mathematics involved.
  • Fur techniques: Demonstrating and learning all the fur techniques used worldwide in the fur industry.
  • Fur technology will help you understand the significant importance of the technology around the fur manufacturing procedure. Machinery, chemicals, tanning process according to international guidelines, cleaning process.


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  • Balance due upon arrival date.
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  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.
  • Fur Skin Supplies included.
  • Accommodation and Travel Expenses not included.

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