Beaver Blankets

From $2,200.00

Beaver Fur Carpets

From $1,200.00

Beaver Pillows

From $190.00

Black Bear Fur Carpets

From $6,100.00

Bobcat Blankets

From $10,400.00

Bobcat Pillows

From $390.00

Canada Lynx Blanket

From $5,900.00

Coyote Bed Runners

From $2,700.00

Coyote Fur Carpets

From $3,900.00

Coyote Pillows

From $185.00

Cross Fox Bed Runners

From $2,700.00

Cross Fox Blankets

From $4,400.00

Crystal Fox Fur Blanket

From $4,500.00

Grizzly Bear Skin Rugs

From $7,900.00

Mink Pillows

From $180.00

Otter Pillows


Otter/Seal Fur Carpets

From $1,900.00

Polar Bear Skin Rugs

From $10,900.00

Red Fox Bed Runners

From $2,700.00

Red Fox Blankets

From $3,900.00

Red Fox Fur Carpets

From $1,900.00

Red Fox Pillows


Seal Pillows


Seal Skin Bed

From $3,900.00

Seal Skin Carpets

From $2,200.00

Seal Skin Headboard

From $1,900.00

Silver Fox Blankets

From $4,200.00

White Fox Blankets

From $4,400.00

Wolf (Arctic) Fur Carpets

From $7,900.00

Wolf Blanket


Home Decor

FurCanada is proud to offer the finest in wild fur that Canadian fur trappers and seal harvesters produce.

Fur is the most honest fabric available. It cannot be reproduced or duplicated. It’s a renewable resource and sustain-ably produced. Harvest methods far succeed International Standards for Fur Trapping. Seal Harvesting meets the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association standardized three-step method for the humane dispatch of seals.

Our soft to touch warm and luxurious home decor items from blankets to beds to carpets and everything in between are all designed, meticulously hand crafted, and sewn by our Master Furriers and designers located at our British Columbia facilities.

We hand pick each fur skin used for preparation and send to Canadian fur tanneries that meet international environmental standards for production and processing. Upon returning from the tannery, we grade, size, colour match, block, cut and sew each piece together to produce a world class home decor fur product.

We can custom manufacture any size or shape of fur for your home, cabin décor, hotel / resort, or office. Canada’s roots are long and deep in the Fur Trade. Our Culture and Heritage is fur. If it weren’t for the Fur Trade and the Aboriginal First Nation Fur Trappers who supplied the Hudson’s Bay Company and Northwest Company 400+ years ago, there would be no Canada today. FurCanada is proud to carry on this Canadian Tradition.